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Write my CV/ Ecrire mon CV

At LegalUnite, we provide full recruitment services for both our clients and candidates.

As well as accompanying clients (companies and law firms) in their legal recruitment to find the most suitable candidates, we also assist our candidates in finding the right positions.

The first point of contact with potential employers is the Curriculum Vitae. This fundamental document needs to provide the relevant information and style, to be attractive on the job market.
At LegalUnite, we take the time to look at candidates’ CVs and discussing it with them. We also go beyond this by providing a full CV writing service (and motivation letters) for all legal professionals ; in English and/ or French.
For senior legal professionals we also write up biographies.
So if you feel like leaving this part to professionals in this field, then contact Farzana Beeharry on fbeeharry chez legalunite.com or 00336 50 25 52 87or
via linkedin : linkedin.com/in/farzanabeeharry
We provide different packages to suits each individual better :
Please note that all packages include a conference call with the individual.
CV : 210Euros (in English or in French)
CV in both languages : 375Euros
CV + motivation letter : 250Euros (in English or in French)
CV + motivation letter in both languages : 455Euros
Biography : from 550Euros, depending on profile to be wriFor law student, please contact us for a reduced price.

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